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Current’s stylish new backpacks keep your cell phone charged in the wilderness

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Smartphone owners may appreciate a bag with an integrated charger, but these bags are typically high on functionality, but low in fashion. When entrepreneurs Jack Perkins & Eric Anwar saw the current lineup of these charging backpacks, they were compelled to make a change. The result was Current Bag Co., a startup backpack company originating in California.

The pair combined their talents to produce a new line of portable charging backpacks that are infused with a West Coast style. The debut bags in this collection, the Classic and the Move, will be available starting August 2017.

The Classic backpack packs a 10,000mAh charging station into a classy design that will take you from the boardroom to the beach and back. On the outside, the Classic backpack is crafted with a water-resistant nylon to protect your gear and a durable PU-coated bottom that protects the bag from scuffs and scrapes.

A breathable back padding makes for a comfortable fit, while the genuine leather accents add some upscale style to the pack. On the inside, the pack has two form-fitting sleeves that can hold a laptop and tablet and soft polyester to protect devices. There’s also ample space in the pockets for your sunglasses, passport, coins, and more.

Designed for casual excursions, the Move backpack has a much different look than the more refined Classic pack. With its water-resistant heathered polyester with water-repellent zippers, the Move has a distinctive sporty look. The bag is more than just good-looking; it also is packed with features, such as breathable back padding for comfort and a water bottle pouch for convenience.

On the inside, the bag is lined with a soft polyester that will protect your sensitive electronic devices from scratches. And with a tablet sleeve, a laptop sleeve, and four interior pockets, it’s an organizer’s dream. The Move can charge a smartphone up to three times and a tablet up to one time using the integrated 5,000mAh charging station.

Both the Classic and the Move are available for pre-order via Kickstarter at discount prices. The Classic backpack will retail for $130, while the Move will cost $90. Both packs are expected to be available starting in August 2017.

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