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See the ocean beneath your feet in the clear-bottom Driftsun kayak

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Whether you are kayaking across the ocean, a lake, or down a river, the big, bulky bodies of traditional kayaks make it difficult to take in all of the sights around you — not to mention the world beneath your feet. The Driftsun clear-bottom kayak offers all of the benefits of snorkeling from the comfort and safety of a boat. 

Driftsun is a Northern California company with a passion for water sports and the outdoors. It designed the Driftsun clear-bottom prototype as a hybrid kayak-canoe that features a completely transparent hull. You can easily peer down and observe the marine life swimming below as you glide across the water. The product is intended to seat one or two people with a customizable interior that includes a pair of removable seats.

The kayak was extensively tested in both calm and choppy water conditions and found to provide superior stability. The Driftsun is crafted with a 100-percent UV resistant, quarter-inch thick polycarbonate hull and an anodized aluminum frame, ensuring durability. The kayak has a 425-pound weight capacity with enough space to allow for two people to sit comfortably. There are two orange balloons implemented into the body, one situated at the front of the boat and one in the rear in order to serve as flotation mechanisms in the event that the kayak is flipped.

The Driftsun kayak comes equipped with marine-grade hardware, a rear-tracking skeg, two adjustable EVA seats with high backrests, two aluminum ergonomic grip paddles, and one sponge cleaner. In order to enjoy the benefits of the transparent hull for an extended lifetime, it is recommended you spray the kayak with fresh water after every use. Also, avoid dragging the kayak across sharp rocks and edges that may scratch and cloud the transparency of the hull over time.

The product is shipped fully assembled and ready for your next adventure. Take the Driftsun kayak out for a spin and enjoy watching the wonders of the sea swim right below your feet.

The Driftsun clear-bottom kayak retails for $1,600 on the company’s website and free shipping is offered to locations within the continental United States.

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