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The Wahoo Elemnt Mini bike computer is just over 1 ounce and packs a lot of info

Wahoo ELEMNT MINI - Simple Cycling Solutions
Cyclists, get ready to lose some weight. After all, when you’re racing for miles and miles on end, the last thing you need is to be weighed down by gear. Luckily, Wahoo understands, which is why it’s unveiled the new Wahoo Elemnt Mini: “the super compact sensor-based bike computer that makes it simple to see and share ride data.”

It’s a supremely stripped down version of a cycling computer that will get you all the data you need without any of the ostentatious and frankly superfluous bells and whistles. It weighs in at just over 30 grams (1.1 ounces) and costs under $100. Plus Wahoo promises that the Elemnt Mini will actually last you 300 hours (which is to say, 12.5 days) on a single charge, so you don’t have to worry about packing a charger. If you sync the Mini with the Elemnt companion app, you’ll be able to unlock a whole slew of features (so just because this computer is lightweight doesn’t mean it’s light on the features).

With the app integration, you can access tools like GPS tracking, heart rate monitor, and even call and text notifications. Plus, Wahoo’s Live Track capability lets your friends and family keep tabs on your ride. Of course, if you want to upload your ride data to platforms like Strava or RideWithGPS, that’s possible too by way of the Mini.

Supremely simplistic insofar as design is concerned, the Mini features a straightforward two button interface that lets you start, pause, stop, and switch screens. The LCD screen measures 1.8 inches along the diagonal, but still lets you see everything you need to see on your ride. The Mini is Bluetooth enabled so that you can connect with other Wahoo sensors like the RPM Speed Sensor (which comes with the Elemnt Mini), as well as the RPM Cadence Sensor and the TICKR Heart Rate Monitor (though you’ll have to buy both of those separately).
So if you’re looking for a supremely portable bike computer that will neither weigh you down nor break the bank, then the new Elemnt Mini from Wahoo just may be the solution for you.

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