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The Futo air mattress needs nothing but the air around you to inflate

FUTO - The World`s Most Ultimate Air Mattress
Inflatable mattresses are all about portability, but when all is said and done, they’re really not all that portable. After all, if you have to rely either upon an electrically-powered pump or the strength of your lungs, how many places can you really take these things? Here to assuage your fears about not being able to blow up your inflatable mattress when and where you want to is the Futo, heralded as “the last air mattress and pillow you’ll ever need.” Promising to be durable, easy to carry, and even easier to inflate, the Futo doesn’t need any fancy contraption (or even your lung capacity) to go from storage to sleep-ready. Rather, it just needs the air.

Thanks to Futo’s Monoflow technology, you can inflate one of these mattresses with only a few simple movements, and in about 20 seconds. Just open up the Futo Mattress and wave it about to catch the air around you. The air will flow evenly into the four tubes of the mattress, and you’ll soon have a mattress ready to nap on or throw in the pool.

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Constructed with two layers, the Futo’s outer shell is made with high-quality Ripstop material that employs a “special reinforcing technique” ensuring that your mattress will neither tear nor rip. Futo claims that a similar textile is used in hot air balloons and other high-quality camping hammocks. The inner layer is made of a thick polyethylene that not only holds the air inside, but also provides some extra protection against damage.

The mattress claims to be both water and heat resistant, and can serve as a soft place to rest your head even if you’re on rocky terrain. And no matter how hot or how cold it is, you can always inflate Futo with ease.

A Futo full pack, which includes two pillows, the mattress, and a carrying pack, will set you back $100 if you pre-order now from Indiegogo, and it’s already shipping worldwide.

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