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No matter the parking lot, Gourmia makes you the life of the tailgating party

Football season is upon us, and that can only mean one thing — tailgating season has arrived, too. Regardless of what team you’re rooting for, whether you’re partial to college or professional games, or if you’re just here for the party, this communal grilling seems capable of bringing everyone together. And now, Gourmia is offering a new ensemble of electric and battery-appliances that claim to turn your tailgates into the social events of the season.

“Gourmia offers tailgaters an ensemble of electric and battery-powered appliances that are easy to transport, fun to use, and don’t take hours to heat up,” said Heshy Biegeleisen, Gourmia founder. “In other words, they are perfect for fans’ pre-game parties, whether they take place with a throng in a stadium parking lot or with a few pals in the backyard.”

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First off, there’s the Gourmia Portable BBQ Grill, which combines a battery-operated turbo fan that controls airflow and flame strength with double-grill pan system that claims to eliminate drip and reduce smoke by up to 90 percent. Plus, this portable grill features nonstick coating on its grill plate, which means that you won’t have to deal with tons of grease (a real lifesaver on your trip back home).

Then there’s the portable mini fridge cooler and warmer, which can plug either into an electrical outlet, or if that’s not available, your vehicle cigarette lighter. Self-locking hinged doors ensure that the cooler is always sealed and insulated, keeping cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm. And thank to its 4-liter interior, you can fit six 12-ounce aluminum cans as well as a variety of snacks.

Gourmia also has an electric digital air fryer, which promises to fry your food without oil or fat. And if you’re not looking to fry your food, you can also bake, grill, steam, or roast your ingredients. And finally, for after the main course of your tailgate, you can use the Gourmia frozen desert maker, which quickly and easily creates frozen fruit-based treats with an ice cream-like texture (without the added sugar, fat, or preservatives).

All the aforementioned Gourmia tailgating accessories are now available on Amazon.

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