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Featherlight Grivel Stealth climbing helmet ventilated for summer climbing

Grivel 2016 - Stealth Helmet
The Grivel Stealth climbing helmet serves as the ultimate lightweight skull protection designed with a unique ventilation system — just in time for summer. 

Outdoor equipment company Grivel, based at the foot of Mont Blanc, has been perfecting mountain products for nearly two centuries. The Stealth is a superb addition to its alpine lineup, featuring an array of accessories that maintain minimalist construction.

The helmet’s unique polyhedral shape lies at the core of its burly appearance and strength. Grivel claims the angles equate to added rigidity, above what is available from traditional rounded models. The product is designed with just enough protection in the right places. The lengthened back and the sides provide extensive skull coverage, contributing to added safety in the case of a fall compared to traditional models.

One of the highlighted features is a one-size-fits-all construction with a simplistic strap system that allows for an encompassing and comfortable tightness. One strap tightens under the chin while another is affixed around the back of the head. The company claims an appropriate fit for sizes 54-62, so while it effectively fits most people, it is not designed for those with extremely small heads. The straps fold away nicely into the helmet body, making for easy transport.

Sixteen vents run along the panels on both sides and the back of the product, serving for impressive ventilation. The polycarbonate hard shell encompasses expanded injected polystyrene foam for superior impact absorption. Stiff headlamp clips provide for essential accessory attachment with reassurance that your light will be kept in place. You have to take the helmet off to put on the headlamp, but this feature could actually prevent improper attachment.

To top it all off, the helmet boasts a featherweight lightness of 190 grams. This is on par with other lightweight models in the same quality and price range. The Grivel Stealth is available in titanium or yellow for $100 on the company’s website.

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