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Happier Campers are so lightweight even a Mini Cooper can tow them

Camping trailers can be a fun and adventurous way to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing too many of the amenities that you enjoy back home. The problem is, most of these trailers tend to be heavy, which means they can only be towed to the campsite by a truck or SUV. But a company called Happier Camper is looking to change that by introducing the HC1 Travel Trailer, a lightweight camper designed for those of us who don’t own a large vehicle. In fact, the company claims that its models are so small and light that they can even be towed by a Mini Cooper.

When creating the HC1, the company took some design cues from vintage campers of the past, giving the trailer a look that resembles something straight out of the 1950’s, but that has been melded nicely with modern sensibilities. The HC1 also received inspiration from the tiny home movement, which uses modular design to utilize the interior space to its fullest. The result is a surprising number of features squeezed into a compact environment.

Featuring a 100-percent insulated double-hulled fiberglass shell, the HC1 is built on a sturdy reinforced frame that includes a torsion axle independent suspension, 13-inch aluminum wheels, and an electronic braking system. It also comes equipped with built-in rear stabilizing jacks for use on uneven terrain and a spare tire hidden away in its undercarriage. Beyond that, Happier Camper has given the camper a swivel-back tongue and a 2-inch hitch receiver, making it compatible with common tow packages.

Inside, the HC1 has been built to easily adapt to its owner’s needs and Happier Camper says that it can be quickly reconfigured for use while camping, or to serve as extra storage or living quarters while back home. The interior includes plenty of storage space, stylized panoramic windows complete with premium blinds, a rear hatch that opens to the outside, and space for a fold-out table. This model comes with built-in bunk beds and can reportedly sleep five comfortably.

Happier Camper HC1

The basic model ships with a solar panel and a basic electrical system for charging devices, but other than that the interior is a bit spartan. This allows Happier Camper to not only keep the price down but also gives buyers the chance to configure the trailer to fit their needs. Add-ons include a stove, refrigerator, interior toilet, a portable propane heater, power generator, and a heated shower. Many of those items are included on other camp trailers of course, but they also cause the weight and price to increase as a result.

The stock version of the HC1 weighs in at a mere 1,100 pounds, which is a large part of its appeal. The camper comes in seven different colors and starts at about $25,000. Happier Camper offers several different packages that range in price, or buyers can completely customize the trailers, picking and choosing the options they want.

Find out more on the Happier Camper website.

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