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Innovation rains out of Nemo’s new Helio LX Pressure Shower

Whether it’s a long bike ride, steep hike, or hot day at the beach, nothing is more refreshing than a rinse in the shower. However, no one likes to get into their car while wtill wearing their sweaty, smelly clothes. With the Helio LX Pressure Shower, a real shower doesn’t have to be far away.

Nemo already revolutionized they way people shower, do dishes, and clean gear in the outdoors with the original Helio Pressure Shower. With the LX, they have expanded the water capacity, lengthened the hose, and more. It is the luxury model for a luxury camping experience.

The Helio LX features a welded fabric tank with a 22-liter capacity, just shy of 6 gallons. Instead of using gravity, Helio Pressure Showers do not require hanging. This sets them apart from a majority of camping shower. Instead, the shower uses Nemo’s proprietary foot pump to pressurize the water tank. For a cool shower, simply fill with water and set on the ground. To warm it up, stick it in the sun and its dark color will absorb as many of the sun’s rays as possible. After stepping on the pump to pressurize the tank, users can expect 7 to 10 minutes of steady water pressure with occasional pumping to maintain pressure. A longer, 10-foot hose makes Helio more practical than ever.

Other additions with the LX model are an easy-to-fill top port, 20 percent more water pressure, and a silicone sleeve that helps hold the nozzle open for hands-free showering. Once empty, the Helio LX still collapses from 23 inches tall to just over 6 inches.

HELIO Pressure Shower 2014

To better understand how the Helio LX Pressure Shower improves the outdoor experience, the above video showcases an earlier model. While smaller in design, the standard Helio operates in very much the same way.

The Helio LX Pressure Shower is available now through Amazon for $140. Supplies are limited, so those interested don’t have long to wait.

For the best camping shower experiences, keep coming back to Digital Trends. For a truly ambitious outdoor shower experience, check out Evershower, a pop-up portable shower that runs endlessly on just three liters of water.

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