The compact Nemo Helio outdoor shower system delivers water pressure via foot pump

Nemo Helio outdoor shower

With festival season beginning to come in full swing, goers are preparing for what could both the most fun of their summers… and the dirtiest. Seriously, people who camp at festivals can get real gross. The lines at the public showers are long, often time they make you pay to even use it, and once you’re in there you don’t really get that much time to enjoy the shower and be thorough. Even outside of festivals, camping can get crazy if you choose to for a cleanse via the natural lake. While it’s certainly refreshing, the water pressure’s not quite there and the water is freezing cold.

Our first world problem can now be avoided with the Nemo Helio outdoor shower system, giving you access to a portable shower spray anywhere you go. The compact set uses the sun’s energy to heat up the black dry bag which stores the water. The bag is connected to a 7-foot shower hose so even the tallest of campers can enjoy some refreshment. It’s also free-standing, or a handle at the top allows you to hang the bag on a tree branch.

Nemo Helio outdoor showerDuring your shower, simply press on the foot pump to get pressurized water spraying out from the handheld nozzle for a good cleaning. You don’t have to step on it all throughout the shower; a few pumps are enough to last the average duration. However, if you over pump, the company ensures the air won’t over inflate the shower bag. With the added pressure, the Nemo Helio can also be useful for washing dishes and utensils after a campfire dinner, rinsing off your beloved pets, or perhaps even a quick car cleaning to get dirt out of pesky sections of your tires.

The black dry bag can hold 11 liters of water, which is estimated to last approximately five to seven minutes of shower time before refilling. Since it requires the sun’s energy to heat the water, this means you’ll need to hold off showering until daytime. At least you don’t have to worry about lugging your own pressure tank, and the system is eco-friendly.

The entire system packs up into a small 2-pound carrying case, making it portable for those going on a multi-day hike or backpacking across the wilderness. You can own the Nemo Helio system just in time for camping season for $100 when the system releases later this June.