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Hook + Gaff’s watch is so multifunctional, rugged James Bond should wear one

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For a true outdoorsman, any gear taken off the beaten path must be able to perform rain or shine, hot or cold, as well as be multifunctional. Hook + Gaff’s new Sportfisher II Moonphase watch has the perfect blend of fashion and function, and is so durable James Bond should wear one. Assembled right here in the U.S., and touting the tagline “built for the boat,” this watch was designed for aquatic adventures — above or below the surface.

Hook + Gaff founder Michael Sims fells that outdoorsmen and gentlemen are often one and the same, but said no watch was suited to a rugged yet refined lifestyle. Having an engineering background, as well as a love of the outdoors, he took it upon himself to develop a company that could forge something strong enough for sporting adventures, yet stylish enough to exude a classic aesthetic appeal.

“I believe the uniqueness of what we are doing at Hook + Gaff is found through designing for functionality and durability first, and it makes all the difference in the world,” Sims said. “Our brand logo and overall look of our watches are both easily identifiable at a glance — that is what’s going to propel us as we grow.”

For starters, the watch contains a moon phase dial. The moon has always played a major role in man’s movements and daily existence, from the ebb and flow of tides to nocturnal animal activity.  Now, your next wilderness photography shoot or moonlit night hike can be planned for the perfect conditions.

The Sportfisher II is constructed of lightweight titanium, encasing a Swiss quartz movement that is extremely shock absorbent and so light that you can fish, surf or kayak all day without realizing you’re wearing it — until you need to look at the time, that is. Titanium is a low conductor of heat, and is comfortable to wear on the hottest of days. The crown is uniquely placed on the left side of the watch face to avoid irritation during active angling or paddling situations.

The glass is scratch-proof sapphire crystal, paired with a screw-down crown and case back that keep this watch watertight to 200 meters. The 100-percent rubber strap means you can sweat in it, dive with it, fillet a fresh catch, and simply rinse it off. The Sportfisher II gets clean and does not retain the odor of the lake or break down from saltwater, as is the case with many other straps.

“We listened to feedback from captains, charter guides, hunters, and others in the industry, and we designed a watch to meet their everyday needs,” Sims said. “We enjoy the design process and figuring out what can make a watch more functional, durable and more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.”

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