Wes Parrell

Wes Parrell

Wes Parrell’s professional outdoor experience spans more than 20 years as a Search and Rescue K9 handler, survival skills instructor, wilderness guide, and military journalist. Reporting on and field-testing gear to keep you at your best when things are at their worst is his specialty.

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Enlightened Equipment’s Enigma Quilt let us sleep warm and pack light

The Enigma from Enlightened Equipment is the ideal minimalist quilt when weight and simplicity are critical. It's designed to decrease weight and space in your pack to a minimum, simplifying your sleep system and keeping you warm.

Thermal-insulating technology makes an Atlasware bottle that’s out of this world

Using the space industry’s thermal-insulating technology called Aerogel, Atlasware Bottle's products are (literally) out of this world. We recently spent some time with one in Phoenix to test its insulating capabilities.

Rungu Juggernaut: Our First Take

The 90-pound Juggernaut looks like the perfect blend of a motocross bike and a Jeep and after taking it out for a brief spin, it's safe to say this three-wheeled beast has the ability to tame the toughest of trails.

Plan out your weekend excursions with Bivy, an online adventure planner

Bivy helps people find, track, and share outdoor adventures all across the United States. It includes tens of thousands of adventures in 17 different types including hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, paddling, and running.

We took the Mule Light V2 on an overnighter in the woods to put its illumination to the test

A unique multi-functional flashlight that touts a complete package of functionality and energy efficiency by using nontoxic strontium aluminate crystals.
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Ino Technologies Weather Pro lightning detector review

Ino Technologies has produced a handheld device that combines weather data with lightning detection, as an all-in-one way to be prepared for rough weather.