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I-Ride is a compact electric skateboard that fits in a backpack

I-Ride state of the art electric board on Indiegogo
For city commuters, the slowest part of traveling is getting through the city blocks. No matter how fast the train or car, the last few blocks are slowed to a crawl when walking within the city. To speed things up, compact transportation like an I-Ride electric skateboard provides a better alternative.

With their unique aluminum bodies, I-Ride boards add greater durability and stability not found in most other boards. The strength of the deck supports up to 250 pounds in the standard model and 280 pounds in the I-Ride Pro. The unique design also features two distinct steps rather than a full body. This small change makes it easier for beginners to ride.

Once a rider has stepped on the board, a handheld remote control adjusts the acceleration. Once a perfect speed is established, a cruise control option locks into that speed. Actually propelling the board are in-wheel direct drive motors and electromagnetic brakes to slow it down.

Depending on the model, the I-Ride has different grades of power. The standard model has a top speed of 12 miles per hour and can handle an incline of up to 10 degrees. For those looking for more power, the Pro model reaches 20 miles per hour and can go up a 20-degree hill. Regardless of the model, the battery can hold out for up to 20 miles and takes a full two hours to recharge. Even when the battery is dead, I-Ride doesn’t become dead weight. Instead, it can be used as a standard skateboard without experiencing any resistance.

When the ride is over, I-Ride’s compact design makes it highly portable. The board weighs less than 15 pounds and its small size allows it to fit into most backpacks with ease.

“I-Ride Technologies was born out of a passion for skateboarding and a need for solving the mundane daily commuter life,” says Brad Gausewitz, CTO of I-Ride Technologies. “We live in a busy city, so eBoards are an easy, fast, and fun way to get around. They’re not just for skateboarding pros anymore, they’re for everyone — students, commuters, kids.”

The I-Ride is available for pre-order in both standard and Pro models on IndieGoGo. Prices start at $399 with an estimated delivery of January 2018.

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