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Exway’s smart X1 skateboard will help riders of all levels beat the traffic

Exway X1 skateboard
Don’t worry, parents — skateboarding has never been quite so smart. Meet the Exway X1, described as the most intelligent skateboard to hit the pavement. This lightweight and easy-to-handle board may be just what you need to avoid traffic on weekdays, and relieve some stress on weekends. Meant to suit both beginners and experienced riders, the Exway X1 skateboard can be activated entirely by way of a Bluetooth remote, and claims to be the first electric skateboard to implement extra safety protection features for the rider.

The X1 features four speed modes, all of which are controlled by an electronic speed controller (ESC) unit. In beginner mode, less-experienced riders can use the skateboard at lower speeds. But as they familiarize themselves with it, they can start leveling up — there’s also an energy-saving mode, an intermediate mode, and an advanced mode. 

Perhaps most crucial to the accessibility of this board is its curved throttle response. This means that when you first power up your skateboard, you’ll enjoy a smooth start-up. Once you’re already moving, you can transition to a more powerful running speed. Moreover, the X1 comes with an e-brake function for easier control and an automatic smart break. It also features a fault alarm system so that you’ll be kept safe in a variety of scenarios.

The streamlined, aerodynamic design at the front of the board, coupled with the flat design of the X1’s rear, allows for convenient handling, while the U-type concave deck promises more comfortable riding. And with a 9-inch wide deck, even novice riders will be comfortable on the board.

“As riders ourselves, we tried virtually all of the current skateboard models on the market today. Some were good but none of them had the ride control, steering, and features we were looking for ourselves,” said Chao Zeng, founder and CEO of Exway. “We knew we could do it better. We concentrated on first designing a board that rides amazingly well. Only then did we add the intelligent features that are essential for a modern electric skateboard.” 

The X1 weighs in at just under 14 pounds and is capable of hitting top speeds of about 25 miles per hour. You can buy the Exway now for about $900.

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