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PWR: an Interchangeable battery system for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts

Power tool makers have the right idea with their interchangeable battery systems that allow you to power a reciprocating saw, a floodlight, and more with a single battery. It is an incredibly convenient system that dominates the construction and home repair market but has seen limited adoption outside this area. Thanks to Knog and its new PWR battery system, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the same convenience of our power tool-loving cousins.

Known for its cycling accessories, the Australian company is appealing to both cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts with an outdoor tool set with an 800-lumen bike light, a 300-lumen bike light, a 300-lumen headtorch, a Bluetooth speaker and a 100-lumen lantern. More than just a random collection of tools, each item in the set uses the same interchangeable battery. So when you go camping, all you need to bring is one or two batteries that you can swap out between items.

Korg is aiming for convenience with its PWR tool set. Because you don’t have to bring a battery for each item, you can pack lighter for your next trip. You also don’t have to worry about having the correct batteries for your lights and radio when you are in the bush. Just grab the single PWR cell, and you are all set.

Korg is selling its PWR system as individual units and in bundles that allow you to save some cash when you purchase two or more tools. Pricing for the components starts at $65 Australian dollars ($50 in the United States) for the PWR Bike 300, which includes a 300-lumen bike light and PWR Bank 3200mAh battery pack. If you want on of each core product and a single e PWR Bank battery, then you will need to spend AU$235 ($180) for the PWR Ranger set.

UPDATE: Originally launched on October 27, Knog canceled its campaign for the PWR in the early hours of November 4 citing issues from not properly closing out its previous Kickstarter effort. Hugo Davidson, CEO of Knog, assured that backers will not be charged and that the PWR product could still surface elsewhere. “We’re looking forward to getting PWR happening, but now to a new launch plan.”

*Updated by Marcus Yam on 11/4/2016 to reflect Kickstarter cancellation.

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