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Go commando with Kydra Flex Shorts for the urban athlete

kydra flex shorts
Walk into any sporting goods store and you’ll find no shortage of athletic shorts from the top brands. However, unlike a lot of other sporting equipment, shorts haven’t changed much recently, outside of the introduction of wicking materials and changes in cut to keep with fashion trends. Singapore-based startup Kydra aims to beat the big names at developing a pair of shorts made for the modern urban athlete that incorporate characteristics of running tights while adding plenty of pockets.

Kydra’s first offering, now featured on Indiegogo, are the Flex Shorts and are supposed to be worn commando — that’s right, without underwear. Like running shorts from other makers, the Flex Shorts have inner tights shaped like boxer briefs, made of a nylon-Lycra blend that has anti-bacterial properties. The tights ensure a constant level of support and keep things PG-rated during lunges and squats.

The outer material is a quick-dry polyester/elastane blend that stretches in all directions, and the Flex Shorts have five pockets to help you haul all your stuff around. Two side pockets left and right are standard issue on many shorts, but the Flex Shorts add a flapped back pocket for your wallet, a hidden pocket just above it to hold credit cards and keys, and a media device pocket big enough for an iPhone 6s Plus. The device pocket is designed to stay firmly in place with you and not bounce even while running, replacing the function of a running pouch or armband.


Incorporating a device pocket that functions like an armband was one of the first ideas company founders Ding Yao Wong and Jimmy Poh had after a gym session together.

“While the introduction of armbands to carry the phone was new, it wasn’t revolutionary, hence we thought of encompassing this function into the shorts with several other functions that would appeal to a city athlete, like key pockets, hidden pockets and such,” Wong told Digital Trends.

At least initially, Kydra’s Flex Shorts will come only in a male cut. The Kydra founders believe that the athletic apparel industry has shifted its focus toward the female market and placed form over function. “We felt that male designs are being neglected,” said Wong.

As a startup, limiting your product mix is a practical choice, but ignoring half the population is not. A female cut of the Kydra Flex Shorts is planned and will come after further funding.

“We do have plans to bring in functional designs for the female lines and are in fact producing a similar pair of shorts designed for females,” Wong confirmed with Digital Trends. “All of our designs can be brought to the female shorts.”

Kydra plans to ship starting this November.

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