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New backpacks promises to protect tech devices during outdoor adventures

Technology has pervaded every part of our lives to the point that it is nearly impossible to go anywhere these days without taking a device of some kind with us. This includes the outdoors, where more and more people now carry a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with them on their hiking and camping excursions. But keeping those gadgets safe from the elements can be tricky, which is exactly why Lander created two new backpacks designed specifically with the tech-wielding adventurer in mind.

The Lander Carrying System line of backpacks launched on Kickstarter on Monday with two new backpacks in tow. Those packs include the 35-liter Traveler and 25-liter Commuter models, which share some distinct design elements even though they have very different purposes. For instance, both packs are equipped with what Lander describes as a tech “Crash Pads,” which is actually a distinct section of the bag that has been purpose-built to carry and protect electronic devices. This specially designated zone was built to carry smartphones, tablets, and laptops up to 17 inches in size. The Crash Pad is completely waterproof and even has protected internal channels to string charging cables through.

Lander Backpack

But, the Traveler and Commuter backpacks are different in a number of ways as well. The larger of the two packs has been built to hold enough gear to travel for three to four days at a time for example, while the Commuter is designed for use on short hikes or going to work each day. Whereas the Traveler has external lash points for carrying a drone and a sleeping bag, its smaller sibling was given an extra water bottle holder instead.

Other features that set the Traveler apart include an interior roll-top enclosure that helps prevent moisture from reaching the inside of the main compartment where clothing is stored and a long side zipper provides quick access to all of the gear stored inside. The larger pack also includes a dedicated shoe compartment for use when traveling and two strategically placed haul handles that make it easier to lug around when it isn’t being worn on the back.

Lander is looking to raise $50,000 to get both of its new backpacks into production. If successful, the company hopes to begin shipping the Traveler and Commuter in December at which time they will sell for $200 and $175, respectively. Early-bird supporters can pre-order either pack now at a $25 discount, however. Find out more on Lander’s official Kickstarter page.

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