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Replace your mummy sleeping bag with the comfortable Zenbivy Bed

Zenbivy Introduction
A comfortable sleeping bag is essential for getting a good night’s sleep while camping. The right bag will provide plenty of warmth and comfort even when weather conditions outside the tent aren’t always optimal. But many campers find the traditional sleeping bag to be too confining, often restricting their natural movements and preventing them from sleeping as well as they should. The Zenbivy Bed sleep system looks to change all of that however with an innovative design that mimics our beds at home.

The idea behind the Zenbivy Bed is quite simple. Instead of using the same mummy sleeping bag design that is so common in the outdoor industry, it separates the bag into two distinct pieces – a base layer and a down comforter. Much like the layering system worn by hikers on the trail, these two pieces work in conjunction with one another to deliver warmth and comfort, essentially maintaining the same level of performance found in a traditional sleeping bag.

But unlike mummy bags, the Zenbivy provides a lot more space for the user to get comfortable and move around in their sleep. The base layer, which actually comes with a mummy-style hood, fits over a sleeping pad, much as a fitted sheet connects to a mattress back home. The down comforter than integrates seamlessly with the base layer to provide warmth without confinement. The result is a sleeping bag that allows campers to comfortably rest on their back, side, or front.

The designers behind the Zenbivy say that it has been built to accommodate a shoulder girth of up to 76 inches, which is about 12 inches more than most mummy bags. And the system is as light as most sleeping bags, too, tipping the scales at just 2.4 pounds. It is even rated for use in temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a good three-season option for camping.

You can’t quite get your hands on the Zenbivy Bed just yet. The sleep system is scheduled to launch on Kickstarter on May 9. You can sign up to receive progress updates on the Zenbivy website, which will certainly send out an alert as soon as the crowdfunding campaign has gone live.

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