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Ledlenser's Outdoor Series of headlamps, flashlights will light up the trail

One of the 10 essentials of hiking is a good headlamp or flashlight, which can prove invaluable in helping you find your way back to the trailhead or campsite after sunset. Surprisingly enough, a lot of hikers will often set out on a trek without carrying some sort of lighting solution in their backpacks, potentially leading to all kinds of problems should they unexpectedly find themselves in the backcountry after dark. That’s something that Ledlenser is looking to change with a new line of lighting products built specifically for use in the wild.

The Ledlenser Outdoor Series of headlamps and flashlights were designed to be bright, efficient, and affordable so you can extend your favorite outdoor activities well into the evening, even if the sun has already gone down. When creating these devices, Ledlenser consulted with professional outdoor athletes, seeking their advice and imputon what they wanted – and most needed – from a light source. The result is a smarter line of products with a level of performance that hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers, and backpackers should appreciate.

The new line of headlamps includes three different models, starting with the MH2, which offers up to 100 lumens of light and 40 hours of battery life from its standard AAA power cells. The MH6 ups the brightness level to 200 lumens, and adds the ability to use either rechargeable or standard AAA batteries, while the MH10 can produce a whopping 600 lumens on its highest setting. It comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that can power the light for up to 120 hours between charges, and includes a red rear light that helps the wearer to be more visible from behind. The MH2, MH6, and MH10 cost $25, $50, and $80 respectively.

For those who prefer a flashlight to a headlamp, Ledlenser has you covered as well. Its latest line of outdoor hand torches includes the $60 MT6, which cranks out 600 focusable lumens, making it a good choice to take with you on a hike after dark. The MT10 is capable of producing 1000 lumens of light, with a battery life of up to 144 hours, all in a 5.5 ounce package at a cost of $80. The MT14 provides the same level of performance as the MT10, but comes with a rechargeable battery for $20 more. Finally, the MT18 offers 3000 focusable lumens at a range of up to 540 meters, making it a good choice for use in caves and wide-open spaces. It’s powered by a 10,200 mAh rechargeable battery pack, and carries a price tag of $199.

All of Ledlenser Outdoor Series lights are available on the company’s international websites now, and should arrive in the U.S. very soon. If you’re in need of a new lamp for your upcoming outdoor adventures, watch for updates.

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