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The LifeSaver Liberty is the first portable water bottle with an inline pump

When you set off down the trail, there are essentials you need to carry. Whether you’re embarking on a day hike or a thru-hike, water is one of these essentials. Carrying a large amount of water can make for a heavy pack, slow journey, and sometimes unpleasant experience. If you’re hiking in an area where water sources are prevalent, including streams, rivers, glaciers, or snow, there is no reason to weigh your pack down with a large amount of water — there are water bottles with filters that allow you to refill your bottle from natural sources without fear of contamination. The LifeSaver Liberty is the first and only portable water bottle with an inline pump — making for a revolutionary backcountry experience.

The LifeSaver Liberty is an upgrade from the original LifeSaver bottle — smaller and lighter yet still durable and easy to use. The bottle filters 99.99 percent of viruses, bacteria, and cysts and includes a replaceable activated carbon disc for the removal of chlorine, taste, and odor. The best part is that no strenuous sucking or pressing is required. Unlike many popular water filter bottles, the LifeSaver Liberty includes a 5-foot scavenger hose which you use to draw water directly from the source, allowing you to keep your hands dry, filter large volumes, and also filter directly into other containers, such as a cooking pot or alternate water bottle. The flow rate is 1.2 liters per minute, so you won’t have to do much waiting around, and an easy to use valve allows you to control the flow rate.

The bottle allows for a 400ml capacity and filters up to 2,000 liters with one cartridge. Replacement cartridges are available for purchase so that you can use your LifeSaver Liberty over and over again. The bottle has been tested to NSF/ANSI P231 and WHO2011 drinking water standards — ensuring your safety in any situation. One of the coolest features is the FailSafe technology, which means that when the filter membranes are blocked, no water can pass through. This serves as a coveted added safety measure. In addition, there are transparent windows that allow you to see the water level, a hook on the lid so you can attach it to a carabiner and SteriTouch antimicrobial construction.

You can purchase the LifeSaver Liberty water bottle for $100 on the company’s website.

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