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Live off the grid for months at a time in the sustainable Living Vehicle

living vehicle lv4
For those who seek to live adventurously in the most remote places of the world while still enjoying the comforts of home, the Living Vehicle might be your dream space on wheels. This mobile living area was designed with both luxury and sustainability in mind so that you can live the life you want wherever the road may lead you.

This Living Vehicle was designed by architect Matthew Hofman based on a decade of personal experience living in mobile spaces. While campers and camper van homes are certainly a growing trend, what makes this product unique is the explicit purpose behind every detail of its construction. The Living Vehicle wasn’t just made to live in — it was engineered to withstand extended periods of time away from civilization.

The company states that the Living Vehicle can support two people living off the grid for approximately one month at a time. Some of its reigning features include adherence to strict environmental guidelines, a rigid frame that can withstand vicious off-road conditions, unprecedented insulation for four-season capability, and in-home internet connectivity.

Hofman’s vision to utilize technology rather than support total immersion shines through in the Living Vehicle’s subtle inclusion of one built-in 32-inch LED TV and a Wi-Fi and LTE antenna which can transmit signal to an inside router. Other features include an iOS control based system for remote monitoring of vital systems and an audio system, each serving distinct living purposes.

Whether you plan to travel to extremely hot or cold climates, the Living Vehicle features an aptly named “Extreme Insulation Package” which highlights an internal HVAC located in a fully conditioned basement, dual-pane windows, and varying degrees of insulation in the floor, ceiling, and walls.

A 24V lithium battery bank complete with an inverter and solar panel array is what makes off-the-grid living possible for this machine, attributing to its complete sustainability by sunlight. Even with its eco-friendly characteristics, precise attention was paid to luxury details. The Living Vehicle includes a washer and dryer combo, a stainless steel refrigerator and ice maker, a pull-out BBQ island, central vacuum system and hose, and a towel warmer contained within its spa-like bathroom, so that you can forego those chilly after-shower moments.

The Living Vehicle can be purchased for $130,000 through the company’s website.

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