Entrepreneur crosses continent on motorcycle, launches Lyfx adventure app

If you’re looking for inspiration, listen to Pedro McCardell’s story. He rode from Brazil to Silicon Valley on a motorcycle to secure funding and establish partnerships to launch his adventure app, Lyfx. McCardell’s journey across the continent solidified his vision to change the way travelers explore the outdoors. The goal? To develop a technology platform capable of connecting travelers with local experts to serve as guides.

Think Airbnb for outdoor adventurers. Lyfx will serve as a social interface for travelers in remote locations to interact with expert area guides — encouraging people to get outside. Whether you want to go climbing in Yosemite, skiing in Aspen, or surfing in Santa Cruz, Lyfx can connect you with someone who can provide expertise, equipment, and serve as a guide for your journey.

The app will allow you to search by location and outdoor activity, providing you with a list of qualified locals and their availability. It’s just a stepping stone — from that point forward you can personalize your adventure with your own individual guide. The app has a two-fold purpose. Not only does it encourage travelers to spend more time outside, it also allows for locals to earn income doing what they love — in this sense turning their passion into their paycheck.

Lyfx intends on encompassing a broad scope of outdoor activities, including surfing, mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, rafting, trail running, horseback riding, diving — and much more. The app will launch in the first quarter of 2018 and will be available in California, Utah, and Colorado, but the founder’s goal is to expand availability to encompass the entire U.S. — and maybe even beyond that.

“Travelers want an adventure that’s unique, something to talk about for years to come, not an ordinary touristy routine,” stated Pedro McCardell founder and CEO of Lyfx, to Digital Trends. “Through the Lyfx platform, we are helping locals turn their passion for the outdoors into a paycheck and providing travelers with outdoor experiences of a lifetime.”

You can sign up to get started as a local expert or stay tuned for the app’s launch on the Lyfx website.