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Mountainsmith’s Scream backpack line is for backcountry minimalists

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Light is right — this is a shared mantra between ultralight backpackers, alpinists, and mountaineers. As technology continues to improve the quality of outdoor gear, the industry is trending toward products that allow you to move lighter and faster across the terrain. While ultralight backpacks have been around for awhile, Mountainsmith joins the ranks with the Scream Series, its own standout collection of minimalist backpacks.

Robic fabric is the highlight element of the Scream Series line. Robic is a type of lightweight nylon that is highly resistant to abrasion, making for ideal use in backpacks, which must be designed to withstand the wear and tear of the trail. The fabric is coated with ultra tear-strength polyurethane and includes Aramid yarn woven throughout.

The Scream Series line boasts a variety of pack sizes for use on short day hikes through weeklong hiking expeditions. The Scream 55 is the largest backpack in the series, ideal for extended backcountry trips. Tipping the scales at two pounds, 13 ounces, it’s hard to believe something so minimalist is also durable and comfortable. The Scream 55 features rolltop closure for easy packing and unpacking, FreeFlow ridged EVA backpanel padding for breathability and comfort, and a removable EVA frame sheet with a 0.5-inch aluminum stay for support. The storage components include a front panel U-zipper entrance to allow you easy access to your gear, double front-panel storage pockets, and dual side-panel mesh pockets. There is a standard hydration reservoir and attachments for your trekking poles as well as clip-in points for any additional gear. The waistbelt and shoulder straps are both padded and adjustable and the waistbelt pockets are smartphone compatible.

The Scream 50 boasts the same features as the Scream 55 in a women’s specific featherweight package. The Scream 25 is designed for day hiking — and has the unique capacity to be stuffed up into its own pocket so it can be brought along on bigger expeditions and pulled out for quick summit ascents or travel. This backpack features a top lid pocket, hydration reservoir, and deep side-panel mesh pockets. The Scream 20 is the smallest product in the line and can be stuffed into a compression sack and carried around in the Scream 55.

The Scream 55 and Scream 50 retail for $160, the Scream 25 for $80, and the Scream 20 for $50. You can purchase everything on Mountainsmith’s website.

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