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The Nemo Rave 15 is a sleeping bag made to regulate your body temperature

Spoon™ Bags with Thermal Gills
Climbing into a sleeping bag on a hot, sticky summer night might not seem that appealing — unless your sleeping bag has gills. 

Outdoor gear company Nemo designed the Rave 15 with breathability in mind, so you can be comfortable in milder temperatures. In addition to thermal gills for increased summer camping amenity, the new bag boasts an array of added features including a waterproof and breathable footbox.

This company first utilized this ventilation feature in its Canon -40 sleeping bag in order to increase the product’s utility across a wider range of temperatures.

For the Rave 15, Nemo modified the traditional mummy design into a unique spoon shape, which allows for more room around the elbows and the knees. The integrated thermal gills comprise two zippered slits down the front of the bag that can be pulled down in warm conditions to let heat out and keep you cool — without letting cold air back in.

On colder nights when staying warm is the primary concern, simply zip the slits back up. Vertical baffling ensures that no cold spots occur and the waterproof and breathable footbox fights condensation that forms on tent walls, attributing to dry, toasty feet all night long.

The Rave 15 is crafted with RDS certified 650-fill-power Nikwax Hydrophobic Down with its own water resistant properties, and is fluorocarbon-free.

An extra section of material around the neck is designed to be shoved into the collar to serve as a sort of draft prevention or can be pulled out for extra breathability.

For those who sweat in their sleeping bags or for balmy summer nights, the ventilating Rave 15 serves as an ideal solution. While its thermal gill features make for use in summer conditions, high-quality materials and design ensure it will keep you warm in colder conditions as well. The bag is rated to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although not the lightest product on the market weighing in at a hefty 3 pounds, 3 ounces — its adaptability is worth its weight. The product is available in jade and pink or jade and sea glass. It also comes with its own cotton storage bag and drawstring stuff sack. The Rave 15 retails for $300 for the regular length on REI’s website, and $320 for the long version. 

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