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NLand Surf Park reopens in Texas after six months of extensive renovations

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NLand Surf Park
Highly coveted Wavegarden artificial wave pool technology is now accessible to the public at the reopened NLand Surf Park in Austin, Texas, GrindTV reports.

After six months of extensive repairs, NLand Surf Park serves as Wavegarden’s only U.S. wave pool. Rocky beginnings including a lawsuit and a delayed opening last year led to an indefinite closure after only a month.

Six months later, repairs have been completed and the surf park is ready for wave riders. The repairs involved fixing issues in the Reef portion of the park, designed for advanced surfers. In November, NLand stated, “The liner in our reef section has been compromised more so than expected by fin and nose cuts.”

NLand Surf successfully addressed possible issues beneath the lagoon, although they were not specific about these issues in their press statement.

Park offerings include a variety of different areas, separated by experience level. The Bay Area is designated for those learning to surf and novice riders, allocating for a flow of gentle, whitewater waves. The Inside Area serves as the ultimate moderate playground, presenting knee-to-waist-high waves in addition to more challenging open-faced sections. The Reef Area is the most advanced zone, offering steep waves and 35-second rides.

In addition, there is now a Boogie Bay Area that provides for standard water access and the option to purchase a Shore and Pier Pass for spectacular sightseeing without water access. NLand Surf Park offers group and private surf coaching for adults and juniors alike, divided into varying levels. There is also a juice bar that has drinks, snacks, and NLand surf gear available for purchase.

Passes are available for sale on NLand Surf’s website. They run from $60 for an hour in the Bay Area, $72 for an hour on the Inside Wave, and $90 for an hour on the Reef Wave. Boogie Bay passes cost $50 and Shore and Pier passes cost $5.

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