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Nova creates all-terrain shoes that will take you hiking and jogging

Why pack five pairs of shoes when you can pack one? That certainly seems to be the question Nova is trying to answer with its new shoes, which claim to be the “ultimate all-terrain shoe,” helping you free up space in your suitcase. Because how else are you going to get all that port back from Portugal after hiking through the Douro Valley?

Frustrated by the lack of good crossover shoes that would allow them to alternate seamlessly between running and hiking, the Nova team began looking into different fabrics and rubber soles that would accommodate a wide range of activities. The final product is a shoe made largely of mesh and rubber that promises to be not only fully waterproof but also capable of taking you from the track to the trail to the creek bed.

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Better still, Nova negates the need for wearing socks, as the mesh material promises to help you “eliminate odor” whether you’re jogging or swimming. Thanks to the magnetic shoelaces of this next generation footwear, it takes just one second to “tie” your shoes — but don’t worry, just because they are easy to tie does not mean they will come undone. Rather, Nova promises that its magnetic shoelaces will not loosen over the course of a workout.

Weighing in at just 3.5 ounces, you will barely notice the Nova on your foot, though it promises to protect you across all terrains with its extra soft rubber at both the front and back of the shoe. As it stands, you can pre-order a pair of Nova shoes from Indiegogo for the early-bird price of $59. When the all-terrain shoes make its public debut, they are slated to go on sale for $99.

You won’t have to wait long to get your Nova shoes, as shipment is expected for May. So if you’ve any big summer trips planned, this may just be the only pair of shoes you need to take with you.

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