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Vintage Electric and Emory Motorsports team up for a Porsche-inspired ebike

When it comes to ebikes, they all tend to look a little similar. Either they resemble a standard bicycle or they aim for something futuristic. Vintage Electric is a company that goes for something different. In an effort to stand out in a crowded market, the company has taken inspiration from a WWI-era motordrome racer.

The latest bicycle from Vintage Electric is the Emory Outlaw Tracker. Built in collaboration with Emory Motorsports, this ebike modifies the existing Tracker with design elements that celebrate vintage Porsche sports cars.

Inspired by tastemakers, misfits, and hard workers, the Outlaw Tracker is an extremely limited-edition ebike with quality, speed, and style at the forefront. Only 50 units will be developed, each painted with the same deep silver metallic paint that Rod Emory uses on his refurbished Porsches.

Taking further design elements from the car, this ebike features a bucket headlight with a mesh grille. The powerful LED light will keep the journey well lit long after the sun goes down. A rear tail light located just under the saddle makes for a safer ride. Using integrated wiring, the main battery powers each light.

The battery itself is a 702 watt-hour lithium unit housed in an aluminum box. The box itself resembles a vintage motor and helps disperse heat from the battery. This allows the system to run at lower temperatures, increasing its efficiency.

Just like other ebikes from Vintage Electric, the Outlaw Tracker comes with Race Mode. By taking advantage of the 3,000-watt rear hub motor, the bike can rapidly accelerate to 36 miles per hour. This mode is for off-road use only. Switching back to the 20 miles per hour street-legal mode is as easy as removing the Race Mode key.

A full charge of the battery takes approximately two hours and is good for 35 miles of range in Street Mode. According to Vintage Electric, the average cost of a recharge is 18 cents.

With its limited run, the Emory Outlaw Tracker comes with a bigger price tag compared to the firm’s other models. Those who are interested can purchase the ebike for $6,995 or finance it starting at $615 per month.

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