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The Ozepod will keep your beer cold and your tunes fresh, all in the sun

OZEPOD Promo Hero
There are speakers that can survive in the out of doors, and then there are speakers that can thrive in the out of doors. The Ozepod is the latter. Heralded as a “party in a pod,” this portable Bluetooth speaker will not only keep your mobile device safe and sound from the elements (which is to say, water and sand), but it’ll also keep your drinks in the shade and your music grooving. It’s all powered by a solar-assisted charging device, which means that you can enjoy truly guilt-free fun in the sun.

Inventor Steve Self noted in his Kickstarter campaign, “Ozepod was born in my backyard because I was sick of the dog knocking over my beer. I took a look at the pool fence and thought to myself, ‘He’d never be able to knock it down up there.’” From there, he decided to create a device that would also shade his beer, and then add a solar panel, as well as some speakers.

The Ozepod features a few key features that make it perfect for the great outdoors. First and foremost, there’s the fact that all of its controls are water resistant, so whether you want to jam out by the pool, the ocean, or just on a rainy day, you can use this outdoor speaker. Then, there’s the LED lighting, which provides the perfect ambiance for any moon-kissed setting. Thanks to the 50 hours of music playtime the speaker offers, you won’t have to worry about running inside every once in a while to rejuice those batteries, and with the UV stable materials, you can keep the Ozepod out in the sun for as long as you want.

Ozepod also features a specially engineered sound system with 360-degree sound dispersal, a 1-inch tweeter that is said to “ensure crispness of high frequencies and full sound recreation,” as well a a 10W, 3-inch “full range speaker that provides deep bass and rich mids to highs in a specially tuned chamber.”

The Ozepod has something of a futuristic look that is sure to be a conversation starter for any party (if the fact that you’re playing the latest and greatest hits isn’t reason to chat enough). You can pre-order the speaker set now from Kickstarter for $127, with an anticipated delivery date in December 2017.

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