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The Paratrooper Elite is a folding mountain bike for adventurers

Montague Folding Bikes - Real Bikes That Fold

Getting up and down a mountain doesn’t require a mountain of a bike. Here to prove that is the all-new Paratrooper Elite, the latest product to come out of Montague Bikes. The company, known for its full-size folding two-wheeled vehicles, has now debuted an innovative high performance mountain bike that can handle just about any trail you throw at it, and can then be compacted into a small package that can be easily stored and transported to your next adventure. So even if you’re living in a shoebox of an apartment, you’ll be able to find room for the Paratrooper Elite in your life.

Montague initially conceived of its bikes as being used by military paratroopers, who would be able to drop into combat while holding highly portable bicycles. While that probably isn’t the most realistic of scenarios, it still provided inspiration for a seriously useful result. The Paratrooper Elite comes with a 30-speed Shimano XT drivetrain, XT hydraulic disc brakes, and Rockshox Reba suspension, all of which combine to provide what the company calls “exceptional trail performance.” While the bike can be made into a much smaller version of itself, its makers didn’t skimp on any of its attributes. For example, its 27.5-inch Mavic wheels and wide 2.1-inch Maxxis tires are standard when compared to the industry’s leading cross-country and downhill bikes.

Turning the bike from a transportation device into your luggage takes less than 20 seconds, and when folded, the Paratrooper Elite is just 36 inches wide, 28 inches high, and 12 inches deep. So not only can it go in the back of your compact car, but it can also fit inside a relatively small closet or storage space. And unlike other folding systems, Montague’s patented DirectConnect technology does not require you to collapse your bike’s frame tubing — rather, the body of the bike remains rigid, but is still capable of being stored in a much smaller form.

“The Paratrooper Elite allows you to avoid the hassle and stress of car racks, traveling with your bike, and storing it at home. It can be safely hidden in your trunk, always ready when you find time to ride.” said Ryan Walas, Director of Marketing for Montague Bikes. “Unlike other folding bike companies, we focus on performance and ride quality first. Our bikes are made to be ridden in all conditions, and the Elite can compete with the industry’s best mountain bikes while offering something they cannot – convenience.”

The Paratrooper Elite is just one of Montague’s 11 new bikes that boast the company’s patented folding technology. The full lineup is comprised of both road and mountain models, and range from $640 to $2,449. The Paratrooper Elite retails for $2,449.

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