Pirelli is recycling car tires into ebike tires

Consistent with Pirelli’s 136-year history of leading tire technologies, the Italian company introduced Cycl-e tires — a new model line developed specifically for city dwellers who ride electric bicycles.

The forward-looking tire line also looks back in time, because Pirellis manufactures the Cycl-e tires in part from “rubber crumb” from recycled automotive tires, BikeRadar reports. To optimize road grip and to protect against punctures, the new tires use different compounds for the tread and tire carcass.

The three Cycl-e tire models, two with sport and standard versions, vary in weight and tread pattern to suit rider preferences and a variety of terrains.

pirelli city ebike tires cycl e dt downtown standard and sport models

Cycl-e DT and DTs

The two Cycl-e Downtown models, the DT and DTS, are Pirelli’s mainstream tires. The DTs are intended for riders who seek reliable and efficient tires for safe urban cycling in all weather conditions. The DTs — “Downtown sports” versions — are lighter and have less tread cutting in the center.

Pirelli’s website claims the Downtown tires will let you “Own the city streets,” but the focus is on commuting and urban transportation rather than performance or sports riding.

pirelli city ebike tires cycl e gt granturismo

Cycl-e GT

If you’re a city biker who uses your ride every day for work and often for pleasure exploring parks and urban tracks, the Cycl-e GT, available in a single weight and tread pattern, is more performance-focused than either model. The GT has even less treading than the DTs but weighs the same as the regular DT model.

According to BikeRadar, “Pirelli states that the Granturismo is inspired by its motorcycle tires to offer performance for high-performance e-bikes.”

pirelli city ebike tires cycl e xt cross terrain standard and sport models

Cycl-e XT and XTs

Pirelli designed the Cycl-e XT (Crossterrain) and XTs (Crossterrain sport) for city ebike riders who also head out to travel rougher country roads or go off-road. Control and performance are equally important for the XT tires, with much more aggressive treading than the DT or GT models. The XT tires also have raised side knobs for better control on uneven surfaces. As with the DTs sports version, the XTs is somewhat lighter and has a bit less treading than the regular XT.

Pirelli says the Crossterrain models are, “for the city and beyond.”

Electric bike riders will get to choose from five different Pirelli Cycl-e tires beginning in October when the tires are scheduled to be ready for sales, at which time the company will also announce tire prices.

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