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Primus wants to take the hassle out of cooking at your next camp outing

One of the best parts about going on a camping trip is cooking your meals over an open fire. Sure, you can carry a lightweight backpacking stove to heat up your food more quickly and efficiently, but that isn’t nearly as satisfying as gathering wood and building a fire or your own.

Unfortunately, as anyone who has ever tried it can tell you, cooking over a campfire is a bit of an art form and it is never as easy as it looks. But Swedish stove manufacturer Primus is hoping to change that with a few new additions to its catalog that are meant to make the process a lot more accessible.

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Launching just in time for spring camping, the new Kamoto Fire Pit has been built to allow campers to start a fire in places where an open flame is often prohibited. Essentially a lightweight (13.4 pounds) fire pit that you can take with you just about anywhere, the Kamoto allows you create a “no trace” campfire that has zero impact on the environment. Made from durable stainless steel, the Fire Pit comes with wind protection on two sides and a built-in air inlet that helps spur combustion. An integrated ashtray — connected to the legs — catches falling embers and soot, limiting the chances of accidentally igniting a brush fire as well. Available in two sizes — standard and large — the Kamoto sells for $130 and $150, respectively.

Also available now is the new Open Fire Pan, which was designed to make cooking over an open flame much easier. The pan is free-standing thanks to its four removable legs, allowing it to be used either with the Kamoto Fire Pit or on its own over a campfire. Made from a three-layer metal alloy that consists of an aluminum core and a layer of stainless steel on both the top and bottom, the Open Fire Pan offers both excellent heat conductivity and an easy cleanup. The pan is also available in standard and large sizes, which sell for $120 and $140.

For more information on the Kamoto Fire Pit and Open Fire Pan, visit

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