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Primus stove sets offer gourmet meals for day hikers, backpackers alike

PrimeTech Stove Set Recipe - Chicken and Veggies
Primus unveiled its Essential and Primetech stove sets, serving for all-in-one compact options that provide hot meals on the trail — wherever it may take you.

The Essential stove kit is exactly what its name implies — an affordable and comprehensive option that provides the fundamental elements of delicious backcountry fares. This stove kit includes a burner integrated into a wind guard, making for sturdy and simple assembly.

The burner is packaged with two anodized, abrasion-resistant aluminum cooking pots, a non-stick hard anodized frying pan that also serves as a lid, and a detachable gripper. The set is designed to fit neatly into one small package to eliminate rattling and includes an insulation bag. The Essential kit is available in 1.3-liter and 2.3L sizes, with the smaller version weighing 858 grams and the larger model 1,047 grams.

The Primetech stove set was designed with efficiency in mind. The stove is constructed to maximize fuel efficiency while providing consistent energy output and full performance. The kit highlights a windscreen with an integrated burner and regulation valve for enhanced efficiency.

The Primetech stove set includes one Primetech hard anodized pot with ceramic non-stick coating and one basic anodized aluminum scratch-resistant pot. The Primtech pot is equipped with a bottom-fixed heat exchanger that cuts regular fuel consumption in half. The kit also includes a transparent lid with integrated colander for draining water, a detachable gripper, and insulation bag.

The 1.3L Primetech kit weighs 727 grams while the larger 2.3L model comes in at 870 grams, making for ideal options for dedicated backcountry trekkers. Both the Primus Essential and Primetech stove sets are made for easy carrying, cleaning, and transport.

The Essential 1.3L stove kit retails for $110 on the Primus website, with the Essential 2.3L costing just $10 more. The Primetech 1.3L is priced at $155 with the Primetech 2.3L version at $175.

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