Pro Concept Gear activewear keeps you cool during training, protects phone

Do you enjoy a good workout but hate worrying about where to put your phone while you’re at it? Pro Concept Gear (PCG) has got your back. The startup is developing a line of athletic clothing with conveniently placed pouches that hold your phone securely without impeding your exercise.

These holders are called smart pockets, and they are integrated directly into the clothing. The smart pockets are placed in different locations based on the type of clothing you are wearing. Both the long- and short-sleeved shirts have pockets on the upper arm, while the shorts and long pants have a pocket on the front of the thigh. PCG designers chose these locations because they are easy to access while exercising and won’t interfere with most workouts regimens.

Each pocket has a protective backing that provides a barrier between the athlete and their phone. This protective layer protects the phone from sweat and keeps any heat from the phone away from the wearer. This pocket also has molded neoprene edges that act a moisture barrier and serve to store the device securely in place. For many runners, this immobilized storage is a must-have feature — there’s nothing worse than running with a cellphone flopping about in your waist pack.

For convenience, there’s also a die-cut hole for your headphone jack that allows you to listen to your tunes without compromising the security of your phone. Each headphone hole keeps moisture out so your phone stays dry. It also makes it easy for you to run your cords underneath your clothing so they don’t bounce around while you move or get tangled in your gear. And best of all, the smart pocket is covered with clear vinyl. Unlike a waist pack that hides your phone, you’ll get full usage of your phone while you are working out.

The clothing itself is close-fitting compression gear that is moisture wicking, breathable, odor resistant, quick drying, and UV protective. It is designed to keep you cool and smelling good while you work up a sweat. PCG is offering their clothing via Kickstarter with prices starting at $40 for a pair of PCG black compression shorts, $45 for a short-sleeved shirt, $55 for a long-sleeved shirt and $60 for the long pants/leggings. There also are bundles that mix and match the clothing.

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