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The Puffle was designed to be the ultimate camping blanket

The worst thing about your puffy jacket? That it’s not big enough to be a puffy blanket. Luckily, the folks over at Sierra Madre Research have developed a solution to this outdoors(wo)man annoyance. Meet the Puffle, a three-in-one adventure blanket that has already managed to raise over $53,000, with over two weeks left in its Kickstarter campaign.

Contributing to its popularity is likely the Puffle’s promise of serving as a blanket, underquilt, or sleeping bag, all inspired by a puffy jacket. The blanket comes in two variations — one with Synthetic Insulation, and another with DownTek Goose Down Insulation. The former claims to imitate the feel of down feathers, but because it’s fully synthetic, it is entirely allergen free. The blanket purports to keep its owners warm at temperatures down to 40 degrees. As for the DownTek Goose Down option, this 650FP variant is RDS certified and promises to be ethically harvested. It’s also water resistant (though not as much so as the synthetic version). That said, the goose blanket is the lighter option of the two.

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Regardless of which fill you choose, the Puffle ought to serve you well. The blanket is capable of being linked to other Puffles with minimum effort, which means that you can easily turn two Puffles into one giant Puffle. Plus, this blanket is capable of being completely sealed — if you tug on the draw string in order to turn the Puffle into a sleeping bag, you won’t be left with a little hole at the bottom where your toes might stick out and the wind might get in. Rather, the Puffle provides total insulation so you’ll be kept toasty throughout the night.

Each Puffle comes complete with elastic loops so you can hook on the Under Quilt suspension kit and make adjustments as needed — the all-in-one product requires no extra hardware, making it the last outdoor adventure blanket you’ll ever need. The blankets measure 52 by 80 inches, and are available in a wide range of colors. While you should always exercise caution when backing crowdfunding projects, if you’re interested in the Puffle, Sierra Madre is offering early bird pricing of $97 for the synthetic version, and $137 for the down version. Both are slated to begin shipping in September 2018.

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