Human tentipede: Rhinowolf’s modular tents link up to keep everyone (too) cozy

Finding the right tent for a camping trip is a bit like searching for the Holy Grail. It needs to be large enough to comfortably hold everyone, but at the same time it shouldn’t be so big and bulky that it becomes a challenge to carry around. It should be easy to set up, provide shelter from the elements, and offer a comfortable space to rest at the end of the day. A new tent called the RhinoWolf promises to deliver all of that thanks to its rather innovative design.

One of the issues that the RhinoWolf addresses with its unique design is having the properly sized tent to match the number of campers in a given group. In its basic form, it is a solo shelter with room for just one person. But thanks to its modular approach, multiple RhinoWolf tents can be connected to one another, essentially creating as much space as needed. This allows a group of friends to each bring their own version of the tent, yet still share the same interior living area.

But, the RhinoWolf has a couple of other interesting features of note as well, including a built-in sleeping bag and air mattress. This means that campers can carry less gear with them when they head out into the backcountry, leaving their regular sleeping bags and pads back home. And since the tent weighs just 5.5 pounds, it is fairly comparable in weight to carrying each of those items individually.

The standard sleeping bag is reportedly rated to keep campers warm down to temperature as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Additional sleeping bags can be purchased as well, with a lightweight and heavy option offering 40 degrees and 14 degrees ratings, respectively. Keeping true to the RhinoWolf’s modular design, those bags can quickly and easily be swapped in and out to match weather conditions.

The designers of the RhinoWolf have integrated a single pole set-up process that allows the tent to be fully assembled in a matter of minutes. This unique approach plays a crucial role in the tents’ modular design, allowing them to stand freely on the ground, while also connecting to other RhinoWolf tents.

In order to get this tent into production, the team behind the RhinoWolf is hoping to raise $30,000 through their Indiegogo campaign. At the moment, they’re a little more than halfway toward their goal, which puts them on track to bring this camp shelter to market. If successful, the tent will go into production in November and will retail for $339. Early bird adopters can reserve one now for as low as $169.

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