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Rhone’s new running shirt increases blood flow to improve performance

There are tons of products on the market to help improve your performance on the track or the trail. From integrated sensors to wearables and everything in between, all you have to do is pick out the appropriate tool for your mission. Now, the clothing you wear can help your body perform better and recover faster. Apparel company Rhone introduced a running shirt integrated with Celliant technology, a proprietary fabric that temporarily increases blood flow, providing for enhanced physical performance.

How does it work? Celliant technology harnesses your body’s own body heat, recycles it, and reflects it back to you, making more oxygen available to your cells. Celliant is a revolutionary technology that utilizes minerals and proprietary ingredients embedded into fibers and yarns. The tech company partners with apparel name brands around the world. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration has labeled Celliant a medical device and general wellness product.

The process begins with a mix of 13 thermo-reactive minerals that are embedded into the core of polyester fibers during the extrusion process. These minerals allow the fabric to absorb and re-emit visible and infrared electromagnetic light energy from the body. They alter the wavelengths, making them possible for the body to absorb. This reflected body heat triggers vasodilation in the capillary bed, making more oxygen available to your cells and providing more energy for your body. The improved circulation results in an increase of about seven percent oxygenation, allowing your body to use oxygen more efficiently. The best part? The matrix doesn’t wash off — ensuring functionality for the lifetime of the product.

Celliant technology not only provides for enhanced performance, it helps your muscles recover faster and allows you to sleep better. This proprietary mineral matrix has been incorporated into technical wear, athletic wear, baselayers, wetsuits, and various forms of insulation. Rhone presents Celliant technology in the form of a short sleeve running shirt, available in four different colors. The fabric is comprised of 51 percent Celliant polyester and also includes SilverTech threads that reduce odor by fighting bacteria. The shirt is constructed to provide for breathability, anti-chafing, and with a moisture-wicking four-way stretch fabric.

The Celliant running short sleeve shirt can be purchased for $74 on Rhone’s website.

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