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Spiritus activewear boosts your energy level with infrared tech

When the trail gets rough and you start losing steam, Spiritus activewear helps you recover your energy faster. This high-tech fabric uses infrared technology to improve blood circulation and increase cell regeneration.

Spiritus, based out of Australia, is an eclectic team comprised of an engineer, a fashion designer, a personal trainer, and a number of fitness enthusiasts. The firm developed this new activewear line in collaboration with two American fabric tech companies, textile experts, and a textile manufacturer.

Spiritus Proformance apparel is created to be sleek and fashionable, while performing at a level above the rest. The high-tech fabric combines infrared technology powered by Celliant with silver technology powered by XT2. Celliant is a registered Class 1 medical device in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the European Union and has now been optimized for the active lifestyle.

Infrared light is proven to promote blood circulation, increase tissue oxygen levels, enhance cell vitality, and regulate body temperature. The fabric is embedded with thermo-reactive materials that transform wasted body heat into useful infrared energy that can be absorbed back into the muscles.

While the infrared technology is designed to boost performance, the advanced silver technology is incorporated to keep odors at bay. When sweat mixes with textiles it creates a warm, moist environment suitable for bacterial growth. Pure silver technology kills 99.9 percent of the bacteria, keeping activewear feeling and smelling fresh. In addition, the fabric is proven to dry up to 35 percent faster than standard polyester with effective moisture wicking capacity.

These performance-enhancing technologies are incorporated into the material of the fabric itself, as opposed to being chemically treated or coated. This guarantees the benefits will last for the lifetime of the product and will not degrade or diminish.

Both women’s and men’s products boast a modern, all-black design, 3D-reflective branding, ventilation-mesh panels, flatlock seams for comfort, and a fit designed to complement body shape. Women’s leggings include an internal pocket for cards or keys while the men’s tights offers a unique anti-chafing inner pouch and a no-roll waistband.

The Proformance apparel line is now live on Kickstarter. A $42 pledge awards you one women’s top while a $46 pledge guarantees you one men’s top.

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