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Looking for an adventure? Getaways is a guided mountain bike trail service

For an avid biker, knowing the best mountain trails is key to enjoying a weekend getaway. Yet, when it comes to traveling, trusting an online list of trails can lead to an overpopulated experience. Often, the best way to explore a new area is with a travel guide.

Sacred Rides, a mountain bike tour company, started the Getaways program to pair bikers around the world with an experienced guide. It teaches prospective guides who to create a working business then provides them with mountain bikers looking for places to stay and ride. Bikers find their guided experience just like they would on apps such as Airbnb.

Booking an outing through Getaways is more than just finding a place to ride. Guides also provide clients with food and lodging. Based on a client’s preference, the guide can book hotel rooms and dining spots, or they can simply offer snacks, the trail passes, and guide the trail. Each trip lasts one or two days and is already available in the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Chile, Pero, Switzerland, South Afric, Singapore, and Australia.

This is Why We Ride - a Celebration of Mountain Biking

To become a guide, those interested apply through Sacred Rides like they would any other job. Once accepted there is an initial fee before gaining a personal website along with marketing, SEO and customer relation skills. In order to take travelers on half-day, full-day, and two-day excursions, guides must know wilderness first aid and carry any necessary permits and insurance.

While Getaways is starting small, its plan is to have a mountain bike adventure in every country by 2018. Future guides can apply now while those interested can use this map to find the adventure nearest them. Prices range depending on the guide and the services provided. For reference, a one-day trip in Spokane, Washington with coffee, lunch, and beer goes for $175.

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