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Chat with your cycling buddies, take video, and hear audio with the Sena Smart Cycling Helmet

Do you cycle with earbuds or an action camera? Do you sometimes wish that you could chat with your riding buddies? The Smart Cycling Helmet from Sena could be your all-in-one solution, with its integrated Bluetooth communications system and QHD camera.

Building on its experience making integrated Bluetooth and camera units for motorcycle helmets, Sena has consolidated all the necessary hardware into a sleek cycling helmet. A QHD camera sits on the brow of the helmet and records 1,080p video at 60 fps, or at 1,440p at 30 fps onto a MicroSD card. The camera’s centrally mounted position coupled with a 125-degree field of view and f/2.0 aperture means that it will capture everything that you point your head toward.

A set of stereo speakers are situated on the underside of the helmet, so there’s no need to deal with headphones or pads that go over your ears, as you’ll be able to still hear all the ambient sounds around you.

Smartphones and GPS units can link up via the helmet’s Bluetooth 4.1 support, which can pipe in audio related from apps not only for navigation, but also for fitness tracking. The built-in FM radio tuner can provide the soundtrack if users grow bored with their playlists.

Perhaps the feature most unique to the Sena Smart Cycling Helmet is a group intercom that allows up to four riders to chat with each other in full-duplex audio (no push-to-talk required) or even share their music. The intercom operates independently without the need for a smartphone and has a range of up to 900 meters (0.5 miles) in open terrain.

Buttons on either side of the helmet control the Bluetooth and camera functions, but those who don’t want to take their hands off the bars can use the optional bar-mounted remote control.

Sena demonstrated the Smart Cycling Helmet late September at the 2016 Interbike Trade Show in Las Vegas, and currently lists availability as “coming soon.” Stay tuned.

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