The Smart Parka is your scarf, hat, gloves, and more, all in one coat

On days like today (when winds are gusting up to 40 miles per hour in New York), you can’t exactly leave the house without your scarf, your hat, your gloves, and just about every other piece of clothing in your possession. And as cozy as you may be while braving the streets, finding an effective way to take all those layers off and store them once you’re back inside can be something of a challenge. The Smart Parka may help. While it’s not “smart” in the connected sense, this winter coat may just be one of the most clever pieces in your closet, or heck, even your home.

Essentially, this water resistant parka comes with everything. In the coat sleeves are a pair of water resistant leather gloves — when you need them, just unzip each sleeve to pull them out, and when you’re back inside, tuck them right back into their special pockets. The same goes for your scarf. Just pull it out from the parka’s collar area, and keep your face and neck warm.

Then there’s the Tablet Pocket, which is large enough to carry your iPad, or maybe even your purse. Because really, when it’s winter, you want to be as compact as possible. A smaller pocket promises to fit reading glasses, sunglasses, or ski goggles safe, too. And of course, there’s a pocket for your phone. The Smart Parka also has a Coat Extension, which gives wearers a bit of extra length when it’s particularly brutal outside.

Even if it’s not all that chilly, this jacket can come in handy thanks to its removable interior layer. Adapt to just about any climate, but don’t worry, you’ll never lose functionality — every layer has duplicate pockets so you’re still wearing the same jacket.

Located in the parka’s hood is a hat pocket, so that you don’t have to stuff your headwear into some other odd crevice. And finally, the coat has a tracker tag pocket in its interior so that if you lose this coat (and literally all your winter gear), it’s easy to find.

Available now for just $300, the Smart Parka promises to be at your doorstep in just five days for most addresses in the U.S. and Canada. And best of all, Smart Park is offering refunds and exchanges at any time. “If you feel like you don’t need a coat, simply return it for a full refund,” the website reads. Be warned though, this pricing ends March 5.

So if you need to prepare for next winter, the Smart Parka just may be your all-in-one solution.