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Snow Peak updates Mini Solo cookset for better backcountry meals

Snow Peak Mini Solo
Japanese camping gear manufacturer Snow Peak is known for creating some of the most unique, innovative, and interesting products in the outdoor industry. After all, how many other companies make titanium sake cups or collapsable chopsticks for use in the backcountry? But, Snow Peak also makes plenty of highly functional and practical gear for backpackers as well, including a newly updated version of its popular Mini Solo cookset.

The Mini Solo has always been a great choice for backcountry cooking, in part because it is lightweight and durable, but also because it doesn’t take up much room in a backpack either. The latest version retains those qualities, but adds some new features that make it a worthy upgrade in its own right. For instance, the main cook pot got slightly larger and is now accompanied by a second pot that can pull double duty as a 10 ounce measuring cup as well. This gives camp chefs more flexibility when preparing their meals, as they now have extra capacity at their disposal.

In an effort to make the new cookset as convenient to carry as possible, Snow Peak has designed the two included pots so that the measuring cup nests neatly inside the larger model. That said however, there is still enough space inside the smaller pot to also pack in a standard 110-gram fuel canister and the company’s GigaPower backpacking stove. This allows the Mini Solo to serve as a complete camp cooking solution, while still maintaining its extremely compact size.

Snow Peak Mini Solo

Other nice features of the new cookset include ergonomic handles that make them easy to carry, even when filled with water or food, as well as strategically placed silicon tabs on the tops of the lids. Those tabs allow cooks to pull the lid off of the pans without having to use a hot pad, which will certainly come in handy around the campsite.

As if all of that wasn’t already enough, Snow Peak continues to make the Mini Solo out of rugged titanium. This not only prevents it from getting damaged in the field, but allows it to stay lightweight, too. The new cookset tips the scales at just 5.5 ounces, making it a good option for ultralight backpackers and through hikers alike.

The new version of the Mini Solo is available now and is priced at $76. Find out more at

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