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The SuperStraps backpack booster takes the pressure off

Backpacks may be the easiest way for you to turn yourself into a pack mule, but if you’re not careful, you may soon have the posture of a four-legged animal, too. Sure, it makes more sense to distribute your weight across your two shoulders with a backpack than it does to sling everything on one side of your body with a tote bag, but don’t think that the mere presence of two straps ensures optimal support.

However, the addition of the SuperStraps might just be the ergonomic solution you didn’t know you needed. This new backpack booster claims to instantly relieve shoulder and back tension, lifting up to 27 pounds of force off of your neck.

How does it do it? The SuperStraps sit behind your backpack straps, and you can activate them quickly by pulling down on the tabs. Once you do this, you effectively create an arc with your straps, which purport to distribute the weight of your backpack across five times the surface area than you otherwise would use without the addition of the SuperStraps. The pulley system essentially hoists the weight of your backpack close to your spine, which means that you can bear the load more ergonomically. It also means that you’ll walk more upright, thereby relieving tension in both your shoulder and your lower back.

The SuperStraps team claims that with the introduction of these new ergonomic additions to your packs, you’ll feel as though you’re carrying a lighter load. Moreover, thanks to the even weight distribution, you shouldn’t be slumping over quite as much — rather, you’ll be able to walk with better posture. And even if your favorite backpack doesn’t feature the most ergonomic design, you can turn that around with the SuperStraps.

Attaching the SuperStraps is as easy as clipping them onto each strap of your existing backpack. And clearly, there are plenty of folks looking to relieve themselves from uncomfortable backpacking situations. With nearly a month left in its campaign, SuperStraps has already raised over $383,000. And while you should always exercise caution when backing crowdfunding campaigns, if the SuperStraps have piqued your interest, the team is offering early bird pricing of $49 for a set, with delivery expected in October 2018.

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