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SylvanSport Go is a gear-hauling camping trailer that even small cars can tow

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The SylvanSport Go camping trailer may look simple because it is so compact and tidy in appearance, but once you open it, you will be surprised by all that it can do. SylvanSport went above and beyond when it created this powerhouse of a camper that will provide a roomy tent shelter as well as carry all the gear that you need for your next outdoors adventure.

The SylvanSport Go is very versatile, functioning as a camper, a utility trailer or both. When used as a camper, it can be used for eating, sitting and sleeping. It has a soft-sided Kelty-made tent with plenty of vents and a comfortable mattress that provides reasonable sleeping accommodations for up to four people. It’s the Swiss army knife of campers, with multiple configurations that allow you to quickly switch between a sitting area, a dining table, and a king-and-a-half sized bed. If you need less sleeping space and more sitting space? Well, you can do that, too.

More than just a sleeping place, the SylvanSport Go also is a hauling trailer capable of carrying all the gear you need, including bicycles, kayaks, surfboards, canoes, dirt bikes, and more. The open-topped utility trailer even tilts for easy loading of an off-road motorized vehicle up to 800 pounds. The trailer also is versatile, allowing you to remove the camper portion and use the trailer just for hauling or combine the two activities with the tent on the bottom and a rack of bikes on the top.

As a trailer, the SylvanSport Go camping trailer is lightweight yet rugged. The Go has a TIG-welded aluminum frame that is made to last a lifetime, a diamond deck plating that is resistant to corrosion and custom-tuned wheels that minimize bounce when hauling. The trailer weighs a lean 840 pounds and has a low-profile aerodynamic design. It’s so compact and efficient that even smaller cars can tow the trailer.

The Go adventure camping trailer is available now from SylvanSport for $9,995.

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