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Want to go camping without the hassle? Tentrr is the Airbnb of camping

Tentrr Experience
Exploring the outdoors can be a relaxing experience. Beautiful views and the tranquil sounds of the wind through the leaves beats the hectic noise and pace of the city. Even so, gathering the equipment, setting up a campsite, and breaking it down can add some unwanted stress to the outing.

Tentrr aims to take all the hassle out of camping. Using an approach similar to  Airbnb, the website connects landowners with campers looking to enjoy the outdoors. Camping becomes as easy as getting to a destination.

Each campsite is individually located on private land. Unlike public campsites, campers can enjoy a beautiful landscape without any worry of running into other groups. The tents are already set up and fully equipped. Just like a hotel room, all campers have to do is arrive and set down their bags.

Whether traveling alone or with the family or a group of friends, Tentrr can accommodate any size. Extra dome tents are supplied for big groups up to 16 people depending on the campsite.  Typically, a campsite includes a large wooden deck, large canvas tent, inflatable queen-sized cot, two chairs, picnic table, camp toilet, fire pit, sun shower, and more.

When searching for a campsite, locations can be filtered by features, activities, access, and level of seclusion. Features range from areas like the beach, forest, river, or meadow. While many locations offer traditional camping activities like hiking, swimming, or mountain biking, others offer more adventurous campers skeet shooting, ziplines, water skiing, and more. Depending on preference, campers can choose locations they can drive up to or hike in. Additionally, seclusion levels range from others being nearby to being completely “zombie proof.”

Currently, Tentrr campsites are only available in New York, but they are expanding their reach into New England and the mid-Atlantic states. Prices range from $75 to $165 per night.

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