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Orange Peel saves car interiors and the environment by recycling melted surf wax

Peel Surf Co. has introduced the ingenious Orange Peel — to serve the former purpose of environmentally harmful styrofoam cups as a place of rebirth for bits of leftover, melted, and otherwise useless surf wax. 

Founder Nicolas Vacca is based out of hot and humid Florida, to which he attributes his thorough understanding of how sticky, leftover surf wax negatively affects car dashes, board shorts, as well as surfers’ beloved beach spots. That last little bit of every wax bar attributes to major upholstery and apparel incidents and also gets accidentally left behind on beaches and consequently finds its way into marine ecosystems. Petroleum-based surf waxes are inherently toxic to wildlife.

The company began with this simple yet innovative idea of how to improve the surfing world and the environment simultaneously and thanks to its Kickstarter campaign, the Orange Peel is now on its way to full production.

The Orange Peel is designed to fit perfectly into automobile cupholders and is constructed entirely of silicon, which results in only melted petroleum wax sticking to the interior surface of the cup — and nothing else. It is microwave and oven-safe for colder climates and conditions when the sun will not naturally melt down wax remnants.

The three-inch tall, bright orange collection cup is equipped with a splitter down the middle to make for easy halving of heat-solidified, reusable wax chunks. The product’s flexibility allows for easy removal of wax while retaining the ability to stand on its own.

The silicone cup itself is resistant to heat and UV light, ensuring environmental endurance.

The company boasts a “set it and forget it” design, stating on its Kickstarter campaign page, “Let the sun be hot, let your surf wax melt, and let The Orange Peel keep it off your car.”

Peel Surf Co. is set to end its Kickstarter campaign on May 11. For $12, surfers can select the Early Bird Pledge and receive one Orange Peel, set for shipping in September.

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