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Topgolf’s new driving range tech tracks ball trajectory just like they do on TV

As the digital revolution continues its rampant acceleration throughout the world of sports, its latest targets are serious and casual golfers alike. Suddenly, going to hit a bucket of balls at your local driving range as a way of winding down a Sunday afternoon is going to pale in comparison to the gamification and statistical knowledge that the Toptracer Range tech provides.

Using the same technology seen during broadcasts of PGA tournaments, Toptracer gives golfers exponential insight into how well they struck the ball. Instead of squinting down the range hoping to get a glimpse of the white, dimpled ball as it disappears into the sun-soaked horizon, and subsequently asking your buddy if they saw where it landed (that is, if you’re skilled enough to hit it that far), Toptracer ensures you won’t be squinting too hard. The technology delivers a replay of each of your shots on a nearby video screen while also delivering key information including the ball’s launch angle, how quickly it traveled, and, most important of all, how close you got it to the pin.

The Toptracer tech can be found at both traditional and Topgolf ranges that are scattered across the U.S. Toptracer’s casual appeal lies in being a party destination akin to a bowling alley. With games like Longest Drive or Closest to the Pin, what was once a technical affair of swinging a golf club may be more approachable for those who didn’t think trying to marginally improve their swing through their parent’s or coach’s instructions was that much fun in the first place.

If you’re really a stickler for the all of the details, you can also download the Toptracer Range app for either iOS or Android, which will give you a personal profile so you can access your shot data history, specific club performance details, and a leaderboard that shows how you rank against other players across the country.

Of course, if you’re still inclined to experience the real thrill of walking the fairways and greens (or carting your way through), you can always rely on our list of the best golf apps.

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