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Jacob May

Jacob joined Digital Trends after beginning his career as a sports reporter and copy editor in the newspaper industry and after a stint in the private investigative realm, where he helped solve hundreds of fraud cases for clients. Now he's living his dream in Portland by reading and vetting the news, and putting his fact-finding skills and general cultural knowledge to work by keeping Digital Trends' stories mistake-free.

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From iPads to Apple Watches, tech has changed Major League Baseball forever

In recent years, MLB has taken a more modern approach to its game and adopted technology to help usher in a tech-savvy era of America's pastime.

Topgolf’s new driving range tech tracks ball trajectory just like they do on TV

Using the same technology shown during PGA tournaments, Toptracer is looking to make the driving range a more modern practice and party facility by offering statistical insights, along with plenty of games for more casual fans.

Drug enforcement agency turns to A.I. to help sniff out doping athletes

Doping athletes remains a problem throughout all levels of sports. Hoping to better enforce its rules, the World Anti-Doping Agency is turning to artificial intelligence to keep closer tabs on suspected cheaters.

Minnesota Twins go deep into analytics with adoption of Blast Motion bat sensor

The Minnesota Twins became the latest MLB to adopt Blast Motion technology throughout its organization. Using a sensor and app, Blast Motion brings real-time swing analytics to in-game data capture for postgame analysis.

For Olympians and pro baseball players, winter training wears many hats

If you had to prepare yourself for world-class competition, how would you? MLB All-Star Francisco Lindor and some Dutch short track speed skaters take very different approaches to their winter training.

Teach yourself to hit the ball out of the infield with Garmin's Impact sensor

Hitting a baseball or softball is one of the hardest things to do in sports, shattering the confidence of would-be sluggers every year. Garmin hopes to help you learn from your failures with its Impact sensor.