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The Uber Q is a portable, app-enabled grill that’s small enough to take anywhere

We have good news for backyard chefs who need a little help upping their barbecue game: A new portable grill called the Uber-Q promises to make preparing an outdoor meal easier than ever, taking some of the frustration and mystery out of the process. In order to achieve this, the smart grill is equipped with an array of technology that gives it the ability to interface with a smartphone, allowing it to set timers, send users notifications on cooking temperatures, and even alert them when their food is ready.

The Uber-Q was conceived and designed by a company called Asado Group, which already builds a number of stoves, grills, and other products meant for cooking in the backyard or at the campsite. When the team at Asado set out to build the Uber-Q, the plan was to create something that was relatively lightweight, versatile, and easy to transport. They did that by utilizing a V-shaped base that can fold flat for easy storage and weighs just 4.4 pounds, making it relatively simple to carry just about anywhere.

The modular design of the Uber-Q allows it to be quite versatile when preparing a meal. For instance, it can use both standard charcoal and European instant BBQ cartridges as a source of fuel. It also ships with both a standard grill top, as well as a rotisserie module too. The surface of the grill top is further segmented into two sections, with one side featuring a standard grating for grilling meats and larger vegetables, while the other is a solid metal plate that can be used to cook eggs or other small items.

But it is the rotisserie module that really helps the Uber-Q to stand out from other tabletop grills. This unit can cook whole chickens and other large items without requiring much supervision thanks to its built-in smart hub. That device includes built-in thermometers for monitoring the internal temperature of food placed on its skewers, and when paired with an iPhone or Android device can provide notifications and alerts via an app throughout the cooking process. This can help the cook avoid leaving food on the flame for too long, preventing it from overcooking and drying out.

The smart hub is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can run for up to 10 hours between charges. It also features a USB port for charging other mobile devices as well, and it includes a built-in Bluetooth speaker for playing music, too.

Currently, the Asado Group is seeking $83,815 to help get the Uber-Q off the ground. If they are successful in those efforts, the grill will begin shipping in March of next year. There is no word on final pricing, but the stove can be pre-ordered now for $153. Visit the Uber-Q Kickstarter page for more information.

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