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Going off road can be a lot easier and less tiring with the Voltinator ebike

These days, it seems like every day there is some new ebike being released. Despite their abundance, they all seem to be replicating traditional road bikes. However, some cyclists don’t always like to ride on the streets. Where is an ebike for that market?

Risse Racing Technology, an Oregon-based company known for their suspension components, has created the ebike with an attitude. Dubbed the Voltinator, it’s an electric mountain bike built for rough conditions.

The benefit of an off-road ebike is its ability to reach destinations faster with less effort. This translates to longer adventures with less muscle ache the next day. Depending on the users’ needs, there are different models the of Voltinator to choose from. For a custom build, the company offers a do-it-yourself kit. This kit begins with nothing more than the frame. If choosing from a list of parts is too daunting, customers can also select from three different models. Risse Racing offers a standard model, a souped-up version, and a hybrid.

For the standard model, the Voltinator offers an integrated structural battery box with a rear-hub electric motor. Inside, the 44-volt battery pack pushes the 750-watt motor up to 20 mph. On a single charge, the battery should last for an estimated 35 miles but this will vary depending on factors such as terrain and the rider’s weight. If this isn’t enough, the large battery box can accommodate other larger batteries. Other features include an optional Raspberry Pie 3 control panel and a phone charger.

Taking the concept even further is the Super Voltinator. As the name suggests, this beast features a 96-volt battery with a 5,000-watt motor. As far as performance, this bike resembles a moped with a top speed of 50 mph.

If off-roading is more of a part-time thing, the Voltinator DIY Kite-bike is a hybrid option with similar power to the standard Voltinator.

Each of these models come with a one-year warranty on the electronics, battery, and motor. The frame and suspension have a much longer five-year warranty. The Voltinator is offered at $4,995, while the Super Voltinator goes for $8,995. A DIY Kit for just the frame costs $2,995, however, a hybrid Voltinator DIY Kite-Bike is offered at $3,995.

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