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Pro surfers put Wavegarden’s innovative Cove wave pool to the test

Wavegarden Cove 2017 (5 min)
Press hype and teaser photos have led to mounting anticipation — and now professional surfers have attested to Wavegarden’s claims about its artificial wave pool technology dubbed The Cove

Recent footage shot in a prototype of Wavegarden’s Cove has the public fully fixated. The artificial wave pool, located in Spain, is contained within a 164 by 262 foot area and is capable of producing 1,000 waves per hour, or one wave every eight seconds. 

Wavegarden has successfully implemented a simple electro-mechanical design that can fully customize the number of waves produced depending on the number of surfers in the pool. This customizable technology makes the Cove the most efficient on the market to date. In addition to frequency, the height, shape, and power of the waves can be adjusted as well, making for equal appeal to beginners.

Wavegarden recently released a full-length video showcasing professional surfers riding an endless slew of repeatedly barreling waves. Superstars Matt Wilkinson, Josh Kerr, Sebastian Zietz, and Gabriel Medina are among the featured riders. The average ride time for each wave lasts between 15 and 20 seconds, longer than most ocean swells, and can even be extended for bigger facilities.

Wavegarden technology has achieved some market acceptance — with two public locations already established — but it has not gone without its setbacks. The NLand Surf Park in Austin, Texas remains closed for repairs the past six months after a public opening that resulted in a lawsuit, and Surf Snowdonia has been closed repeatedly for repairs as well.

Undeterred, Wavegarden is now revealing its latest developments in artificial wave pool technology in this captivating video, in the hope of putting the firm back on the map.

“The high wave frequency of the Cove enables a high user capacity, which is essential for surfers wanting to catch lots of waves as well as for developers seeking to establish a sound business model,” stated Wavegarden’s Founder and CEO, Josema Odriozola, in a recent press release.

Construction of new Cove projects will now be starting in various locations around the world.

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