Panasonic’s 2013 Lumix digital camera line up (part 2)

They’ve already released new lines of earbuds, over-ears, speaker docks, and bluetooth streaming players — and Panasonic’s just getting started. Today at CES they also dropped their latest line of Lumix digital cameras on the world. Here’s a bit more info on each one: 

The Zs30 is a relatively compact point-and-shoot equipped with 20x optical zoom, 60-fps shutter speed, a 18.1-megapixel high-sensitivity MOS sensor, and video capabilities for 1080p recording. It also has built-in Wi-Fi functionality, easily allowing users to upload the photos directly to various social networking websites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

The ZS25 is similar to the ZS30, but forgoes the built-in Web access and features a 16.1-megapixel, MOS sensor instead of the 18.1-megapixel offered by the ZS30.

The XS1 ditches the bulk entirely and is one of the first in a new line of smaller, sleek compact digital cameras. The point-and-shoot features a 16.1-megapixal sensor, touts an astonishing 14mm-thick design, and hosts a multitude of built-in creative control filters to choose from before you ever capture a photo.

The ultra-compact TS25 is a camera for the rugged, outdoor enthusiast. The point-and-shoot is modeled around a 1/2,33′-inch, 16.1-megapixel CCD image sensor, consolidates a 4x optical zoom lens (25 – 100mm focal length equivalency), and features a fixed 2.7-inch TFT LCD display with 230k-dot resolution. It also contains 70MB of internal flash memory, a microSD/SDHC?SDXC media slot, and video capabilities to capture 720p HD videos.

Last but not least is the TS5, a bulkier camera built for the more serious outdoor photographer. It features Wi-Fi capabilities, NFC technology, a 16.1-megapixel, high-sensitivity sensor, and full HD video recording. It also can supposedly survive impacts from a height of 6.6 feet, temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit and submersion in depths up to 43 feet.

Be sure to check part one for the rest of Panasonic’s Lumix lineup and stick with Digital Trends for all your CES 2013 photography coverage.

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